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Quarry Park, built on a former quarry site donated by Vulcan, is now the most visited park in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Spectrum News recently featured the city of Winston-Salem’s second annual “Rock Out the Quarry” event held at Quarry Park. The event was an opportunity to bring the community together and encourage regular visitors to the park. Here’s what they had to say:

The City of Winston-Salem hosted the second annual “Rock Out the Quarry” at Quarry Park Saturday night.

One senior special projects coordinator with the city said the event is an effort to attract more visitors to the park year-round.

“We had a grand opening back in like 2017, but we wanted to add more visibility to our park with recreation. Community business development, recreation and parks, and the Winston-Salem Police Department decided to do something in the summertime to bring more visibility to Quarry Park,” Emerald Bowman, senior special projects coordinator with the city, said.

She said close to 5,000 people attended the event last year and thinks even more would show up Saturday.

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