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Providing Water For Our Future

The Fairfax Water Authority and Vulcan Materials Company entered into a strategic partnership that ensures a plentiful supply of drinking water for nearly two million residents in Northern Virginia.

The Graham Quarry is being reconfigured to meet the long-term needs of Fairfax County and the region. Phase 1 of the plan provides an initial storage of 2 billion gallons by 2035. There will be an additional storage capacity of up to 17 billion gallons by 2085.

“What we had here was a proximity of the quarry between our plant and our raw water source that made it very economically viable to develop the quarry into a water supply,” said Steve Edgemon, Deputy General Manager of Fairfax Water.

Fairfax Water

Deputy General Manager Fairfax Water Steve Edgemon; Vulcan Sales Representative Jess Brindisi; State Production Manager Bruce Smith; Vulcan Area Operations Manager Jim Cooper; Graham Quarry Plant Manager Kevin Romine. 

“This idea benefits both of us. It gives Fairfax Water a satellite pit for them to use for emergency water. Vulcan will modify the layout of Graham quarry, making it easier to mine and extending the life of the quarry by 30 or 40 years,” said Vulcan’s Bruce Smith, Virginia Production Manager.

For more information, please visit fairfaxwater.org

Fairfax Water

Christopher Cashioli, Lead Operator, Griffith Water Treatment Plant